11 Plus Exam Preparation – By Failing to Prepare, You Are Preparing to Fail

One generally thinks that a child shouldn’t plan much for the 11 plus test. Either the child has it, or maybe it doesn’t, the child is grade school material, or maybe it doesn’t. I do not support this view, I do not believe the skill of a kid is inherent, I believe that practice improved, that, as Benjamin Franklin put it, it does not succeed. The pupils coached for 9 months before their eleven, plus increased their scores by 40%, Professor Brendan bunting, an educational psychologist at the Ulster Faculty. It’s hard work, good practice and teaching work.


Based on the location in which you are in the world, the language examinations and maths are tested for verbal reasoning, non verbal reasoning. Non-verbal thought is not a subject explored at primary school and does not take place in grammar school. The simple fact that a child could not do very well in these tests doesn’t mean that he or she is not a grammar student and that they would fail to learn French, history, German, mathematics or geography at school. They’re just assessments that help gain access to grammar and they must be completed because they’re not going to be something the child has been subjected to. Similarly, the fact that a child’s mathematics is currently bad does not mean the failure of a school child to deal with history, English and chemistry. Math knowledge is, as with all other aspects in existence, not static and can definitely be improved by quality teaching and hard work.


The fight for school places is fierce. There is a ratio of 10 candidates to each location for several colleges. Some other children have been well prepared. It is important that you do exactly the same to give your child a fair chance. The best way to cook is to practice questions that are more likely in the test. Example papers in practice are a priceless resource. Try to find as many realistic papers as you can, as long as they have a similar quality to the actual thing. Check for practice papers that contain detailed answers rather than only numerical answers. This includes the additional aspect of teaching and also allows you and your child to solve a problem and understand how the answer is to emerge. Interactive computerized testing can also be useful since many children want to work with machines rather than with paper and pencils.

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At 1 of our top grammar schools nothing is able to guarantee an environment, but, as Benjamin Franklin said, “you expect to fail in your failure to plan.”